Seeking Community Leaders To Join
The 2023 City of Design Challenge

Design Core is seeking community leaders to join the Community Advisory Council for the 2023 City of Design Challenge to provide guidance, feedback, and support to teams throughout the program.

For years, Detroiters have worked to adapt to many unexpected circumstances. This is not new for our community, which has experienced many shocks over time - whether environmental, health, social, or economic. Detroiters have proven their resiliency, innovation and perseverance through it all.

Design Core is launching a new City of Design Challenge to explore ways to increase community connections and unify residents in times of disruption. City of Design Challenges put the needs of existing residents at the center of innovative strategies for their neighborhoods' future. This Challenge will explore resident driven ideas for unifying communities and building neighborhood resiliency throughout the city.

The 2023 Detroit City of Challenge is led by Design Core Detroit, in partnership with Community Development Advocates of Detroit (CDAD) and CultureSource, and made possible with financial support from the Hudson-Webber Foundation.

For more information about the Community Advisory Council role and the nomination process.

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