Virtual Client Services Bootcamp

Are you a designer or design firm looking to improve your client services? 

Design Core is offering is an interactive, six-session program for small-to-medium sized design firms/agencies and freelancers, based on the fundamentals of client services for design service providers.

Sessions will be workshop-based and held in the evenings on Mondays and Wednesdays, twice a week for three weeks back to back. All workshops will include a speaker presentation, group or individual exercise, and Q&A. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, sessions will be held virtually over Zoom.

Topics Covered:

  • Nov 2 - Intro to Client Services
  • Nov 4 - Pricing, Time Tracking & Invoicing
  • Nov 9 - Proposal Development
  • Nov 11 - Legal
  • Nov 16 - Discovery & Briefing
  • Nov 18 - Final pitches

Program fee is $265 per attendee.  A limited number of scholarships are available for qualified businesses.

Apply here. Application Deadline: October 19, 2020